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Classroom teachers. Specials teachers. Parent/teacher organizations. Student clubs. At some point in time, each of them will have a specific need that would go unfulfilled without some assistance from outside resources. That’s where FoundationGIVE comes in.

Our platform helps connect their needs with individual donors, community businesses and grant programs. FoundationGIVE is your one place to manage all of your classroom-led initiatives.

Teacher Grants

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Crowdfunding raises smaller amounts of money from many different people. Those smaller donations are combined to cover the full cost of a project. FoundationGIVE makes crowdfunding simple for teachers, parent/teacher organizations, and school foundations. Here’s how it works.

  • 1
    Create a Campaign
  • 2
    Review and Approve
  • 3
    Promote the Campaign
  • 4
    Track and Report

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Teachers and PTOs create campaigns using our campaign builder. They set a fundraising goal, describe their projects and determine a start date. It’s that easy to setup a FoundationGIVE campaign.

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The campaign gets sent for approval to administrators and foundation executives. With signoff, the campaign will go live on the specified start date.

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Everyone involved shares campaign pages on social media and school websites to start collecting donations. Teachers can post updates during the campaign to inform donors of campaign progress.


FoundationGIVE’s powerful tracking and reporting features ensure all district fundraising policies are followed, and funds are available almost immediately. Donor contact information can be exported to any donor management system.

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